Table Talkers

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Table Talkers by Size

table talker A6 Size

A6 Table Talkers

105 x 148 mm

25 from £xx.xx
table talker DL Size

DL Table Talkers

99mm x 210mm

25 from £xx.xx
table talker 1/3 A3

1/3 A3 Table Talkers

140mm x 297mm

25 from £xx.xx

Special Finishes

Gloss, Matte, or Soft-Touch Lamination.

Please note table talkers are supplied flat, creased, and taped.
*Three sides for massive display opportunities, and yet a small footprint for busy areas. Ideal for special offer or menus*

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Custom Printed Table Talkers

Table takers are a great way to keep your regular customers interested and new customers informed about your latest deals and special offers. Three sides mean you have three great opportunities to highlight your promotions, and they are always visible. Using our selection of table talkers for highly visible marketing and advertising can’t be beaten. Table talkers are available in three sizes: A6, DL, and 1/3 A3.

A6 – 105mm x 148mm per side, with three sides.

DL – DL table talkers are 99mm x 210mm per side, with three sides

1/3 A3 – 140mm x 297mm per side, with three sides.

All Table Talkers are printed full colour (four colour CMYK) and are optionally available laminated in gloss, soft-touch, and matte lamination. Table talker printing is available on a range of finishes, including anti-bacterial matt and gloss lamination finishes.

Table talkers are a perfect, low-cost way to highlight promotional menu items for coffee shops, restaurants,  bars or pubs. They are great for sharing offers and promotions. The triangular arrangement gives three distinct printable sides that allow you to have different recommendations on each side or the same offers visible all around the talker. So whether you have the same or different designs on each side – they are a fantastic way to reach out to a captive audience.

Design by you or designed by us

If you have print-ready artwork, you can upload it once you have agreed on the quote, but we can also help with your design requirements. Give us the details for your project, and we will give you a quote. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Table talkers Specifications

We supply table talkers flat, taped and creased for easy assembly when required.

A6 Table Talker

Finished Size: 105mm x 148mm*
*Finished size related to panel size. Each table talker has 3 panels in total.
Size with bleed: 321mm x 154mm


DL Table Talker

Finished Size: 99mm x 210mm*
*Finished size related to panel size. Each table talker has 3 panels in total.
Size with bleed: 303mm x 216mm


1/3 A3 Table Talker

Finished Size: 140mm x 297mm*
*Finished size related to panel size. Each table talker has 3 panels in total.
Size with bleed: 426mm x 303mm

All our table talkers are printed in high-resolution full-colour, supplied pre-creased with a self-adhesive tab.

Material: 350gsm silk
Print: Four colour process (CMYK)

Table Talkers Make Great Menus

Check out our full menu selection, but don’t forget about table talkers. Table talkers have been a tried and tested method of point of sale promotion for many years. They make great wine lists or specials menu. They are also perfect for promoting loyalty cards, or any other offers. they really do get people talking.

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Table talker design tips

Table talker design is a crucial aspect of the overall effectiveness of table talkers as a marketing tool. A well-designed talker should grab the attention of customers and clearly convey the message that the business wants to convey. Here are some crucial elements of good design:

1. Branding: Table talkers should reflect the business’s brand identity. They should use the same colour palette, font, and logo as other marketing materials. This helps to create a consistent look and feel for the business, making it easier for customers to recognise the brand.

2. Eye-catching visuals: Table talkers should be visually appealing, with high-quality images, graphics, and typography. Bright colours, bold text, and unique graphics can all help to draw attention to the table talker.

3. Clear messaging: The text on table talkers should be clear and easy to read. It should also be concise, with a clear call to action, such as “try our special offer today”.

4. Appropriate size and shape: The size and shape of table talkers should be appropriate for the space where they will be placed. They should be small enough to fit on a table but large enough to be easily seen by customers.

5. Durability: Table talkers should be made of high-quality materials that are durable enough to withstand repeated use. This will ensure that they continue to look good and convey the message effectively, even after multiple uses.

In conclusion, designing an effective table talker requires a combination of visual appeal, clear messaging, and appropriate size and shape. By incorporating these elements into the design, businesses can create table talkers that effectively convey their message and grab the attention of customers.

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