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Perfect Postcards

If you’re printing custom postcards for your local tourist attraction, event, or business – we can help with everything from traditional postcards to artists’ prints. Promoting yourself or promoting a product, we have the ideal range of papers and finishes for the perfect postcards.

Amazing Postcards

Who doesn’t like postcards? From bands advertising gigs to small tourist shops, just think of the possibilities of stocking your very own unique cards that aren’t available anywhere else. We have created postcards for universities, charities, bands and live music nights, artists, designers, and shops that sell postcards and want to offer unique designs to their customers.

  • Standard A6, A5, DL, 148 mm square & 210 mm square size postcards
  • Available printed single or double sided
  • 350gsm paper stock
  • Gloss lamination on the front

Try our flyers if you want other (less traditional postcard) options.

Postcard Sizes

Postcard front & back vertical

Paper. Postcards. Perfect.

Are you looking for a creative and effective way to market your business or promote your brand? Look no further than custom postcard printing!

With personalised postcard printing, you can create a unique and eye-catching design that will stand out from the rest of the mail. Whether you’re looking to promote a new product or service, announce an event, or stay in touch with clients and customers, custom postcards are a versatile and cost-effective solution.

Attention Grabbing Mailboxes

Postcards have a higher chance of being noticed and read than other forms of direct mail, and they also offer a personal touch that can help build stronger relationships with your audience. And with custom printing options, you can tailor your postcards to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that your message is conveyed just the way you want.

Whether you’re a small business owner, marketer, or just looking for a fun and creative way to share your message, custom postcard printing is the perfect choice. So why wait? Start designing your custom postcards today and see their impact on your brand!


What makes a postcard?

Well, everyone can push the limits, but first, let’s find out what a standard postcard is…

The Card Stock

A postcard is usually a rectangular piece of thick paper or cardstock used for sending short messages or greetings through the mail without needing an envelope. That’s like their postal super-power.

The Image

Postcards usually have a beautiful front side that shows an image, photograph, or artwork. The front is the attention-grabbing hero image. The classic postcard would have a laminated gloss front but an uncoated back, ideal for writing on.

The Back

The back side is for the recipient’s address, postage stamp, and handwritten message – but we won’t tell anyone if we print the message to save you time writing it out.

The Standard Postcard Size. Rule Breaking Allowed.

The standard size postcard is A6 or 148 x 105 mm, but we also offer other sizes to fit any requirement. Postcards can be printed in various finishes; for example, the front can be gloss or matte laminated, but the back is always unlaminated or uncoated as it’s easier to write on! Seriously, have you tried writing on a laminated card? Check out finishes for more options.

Our postcards feature full-colour printing on both sides, which means you can stick to the rules of postcards or break them! Postcards can feature full-colour designs or black-and-white images if you prefer.


Post worldwide. No envelope required

You can use postcards for various purposes, such as advertising, marketing, tourism, or personal correspondence. They are a cost-effective and versatile way to share messages and images. Plus, you can easily mail postcards to recipients worldwide – no envelope required!

The Secret to Perfect Postcard Printing

When it comes to postcard printing, ensure you have a great image or design on the front, and then follow a few rules for the back, like using silk or uncoated paper rather than laminated (it makes it easier to write on). The back makes a postcard – the rectangle to show where to put the stamp, address lines, and the section for the printed or handwritten message. It all adds up to a perfect postcard experience.

We Do More Than Just Print Postcards

We can print postcards at excellent quality and affordable prices. But we can also design postcards, and that’s where the magic is, from hero images to backs that complement your brand. We can completely customise every aspect to fit your project. If you have your own design and own artwork ready to go, that’s great too. But if you need a little help, we are here. Talk to us today to see how we can help.

Postcard Options

We offer a range of postcard sizes, but if you want help, then look for the S for standard size, finish and paper weight or thickness, and you’ll end up with a classic postcard. And look out for eco for the most eco-friendly option.

Postcard Size Options

A6 Postcard S

A5 Postcard

DL Postcard

148 mm Square Postcard

210 mm Square Postcard

Postcard Paper Stocks

350 gsm Silk Paper S

350 gsm Uncoated Paper

350 gsm Recycled Paper eco

Special Papers

Kraft 225gsm

Woodstock Betulla Pulp 285gsm

Accent Antique Magnolia 300gsm

Conqueror Wove 350gsm

Gold Dust 350gsm

Postcard Finish Options

No Lamination eco

Gloss Laminated (front only) S

Gloss Anti-Bac Laminated (front only) NEW

Matte Laminated (front only)

Matte Anti-Bac Laminated (front only) NEW

Soft-Touch Laminated (front only)

Great Postcard Uses

Postcards for Bands

Live bands, musicians, venues and groups often use postcards to market their gigs – they are the perfect size to allow for an attractive design and decent amount of copy text while also being pocket size. But it’s not just to publicise! They also make a great souvenir or low-cost merchandise for bands.

Artists Postcards

Postcards are a great way to show of artists work, printing their work on a custom postcard is a great way to publicise themselves and a way to make some income when people can’t afford the actual art – think museum or art gallery – chances are they sell postcards in their gift-shop. It’s the same principle. Whenever I go to a creative expo such as comic con, MCM Expo or designer con, there are always artists and designers selling their postcards.

Custom Tourist Postcards

If you are a small or independent shop with tourist attractions nearby, you may well want to create and sell your custom postcard designs. We offer a great, low-cost way of stocking your very own unique souvenir postcards – a great way to keep people coming back.

Need More Options?

These are designed to be like actual postcards, however, if you would like more options of paper-weight, paper-stock and lamination finishes, then please see out flyer section as flyers are available in A6 postcard size also. But you could also make them any size!

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Postcard FAQ

Is there a standard sized postcard?

Yes and no. The standard size is A6, but larger A5 cards became popular for people wanting bigger cards to show off their images. Really you could print postcards the size of business cards; I think that would look pretty cool. But if you want to use them as postcards, then I’d probably go a little bigger.

It is important not to laminate the back so you can write on it easily.

Can you design a postcard for us?

Yes, absolutely. The best part of custom postcard printing is that we can design the front and the back. So you can print a standard message on the back for marketing or a postcard layout that fits your brand. Because it’s not just the front that is completely customisable, but the other side too!

Which are the best postcard options?

It depends on what you are trying to create. You probably want an A6 postcard with a glossy front for a classic look and feel. But if you want your postcard to be different or have a unique touch and feel, you could go for soft-touch or matt lamination on the front. You could use textured paper such as conqueror wove or Woodstock pulp for a premium feel that fits excellent for watercolours or sketched artwork. For a very unique look and feel, you could go with Kraft paper. The brown colour of the paper stock gives a unique look but also affects colour reproduction. Make sure you design accordingly. Often the most striking designs stick to a limited palette, or even block black.

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