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Need fantastic quality leaflets at amazing prices? Good, you’re in the right place! Get a quote to see how much you can get premium quality, full colour flyers, designed and delivered to your door. Need soft touch laminated leaflet printing? You are in the right place! Need gloss or matt laminated? You are still in the right place 😉 We offer a great range of leaflets on a range of paper weights from 130gsm gloss right up to the premium quality 350gsm silk. The 250and 350gsm are available laminated. While the lighter 130gsm gloss and 150gsm silk are not due to the lighter paper weight it isn’t a good base for laminating. If you don’t need folded leaflets then just check out our fantastic flyers.

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What’s the difference between a flyer, leaflet, brochure and pamphlet anyways? Well, wikipedia says: A flyer or flier, also called a circularhandbill or leaflet, is a form of paper advertisement intended for wide distribution and typically posted or distributed in a public place or through the mail. Upon further reading, a flyer is usually a single sided printed page – we of course can print double sided, but that is not the point. Our unfolded flyers are available here. Leaflets or pamphlets  tend to be folded to create a multi-page flyer i.e., an A4 page folded once will give you an A5 finished size with 4 printable pages. These are great when you have a lot of information to convey that may not work well being all on one page. A flyer is more like a small poster and a folded leaflet or pamphlet is more like a mini booklet. If you are in need of more pages, then check out our booklets.


Fold OptionsC fold. Z fold. Half fold. Oh my.


Z fold leaflets/flyers


Z fold leaflets and flyers


Z fold leaflets are creased and folded twice into a Z giving parallel folds that open like an accordion; This creates 6 printable pages or faces. This is a popular example of a leaflet. As it gives you 6 seperate pages for information, or the design can be spread across an entire side of the printed sheet. i.e. Theme park maps.

C fold leaflets/flyers


C fold leaflets and flyers


C fold leaflets are creased and folded twice; This creates 6 printable pages/faces. The right hand panel is usually trimmed 2mm smaller depending on the weight os the paper so that it can be folded neatly into the larger 2 pages. An example would be a utility bill which is A4 folded into 1/3 A4.

Half fold leaflets/flyers


half fold leaflets and flyers


Half fold leaflets are a single printed sheet folded in half to create 4 pages or faces; front cover, back cover and 2 internal pages. For example: a Birthday card. This is a popular type of leaflet, if more pages are needed you can add more printed pages to create a booklet.

Half Fold:  A page folded once (in half) to make 4 page leaflets i.e., A4 page folded once to make 4 pages A5 finished size

Z fold: This is when a page is folded twice to create 6 printable pages. The Z fold signifies that the page is folded like a Z

C fold: This is when a page is folded twice to create 6 printable pages, similar to a Z fold, but now the folded pages create a square C

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