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Custom Greetings cards

Custom greeting cards are a fantastic avenue to flaunt your unique designs. Whether you’re an individual with a flair for creativity or a business eager to share tailor-made cards or invitations with your team or clients, these cards are the perfect way to express appreciation in a memorable way. And hey, with Christmas around the corner, what better time to dazzle with greeting cards exclusively designed for you or your business? Get ready to spread some custom-made cheer!

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Not Just Personalised Greeting Cards

Greeting cards offer a versatile solution for creating custom birthday cards or cards for any special occasion. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for companies looking to maintain a collection of uniquely tailored cards.

Customising these cards with company logos, branding elements, or specific images allows businesses to add a personal touch to their communications, making every occasion more memorable and reflective of their corporate identity.

Whether celebrating milestones, acknowledging achievements, or simply reaching out, these personalised greeting cards can be a powerful tool in your company’s engagement strategy.

Our greeting cards are not only a fantastic choice for businesses but also an excellent, budget-friendly option for artists, creatives, and designers who wish to craft their own unique cards for occasions like Christmas.

Giving cards with your creative touch and illustrations is gratifying and deeply personal. It’s a heartfelt way to share your art and sentiments with others.

Plus, we offer flexibility in quantities, starting with as few as 25 cards, so there’s no need to worry about large minimum orders. Of course, if you want to order 10,000, we’ve got you covered there too! 🙂

So, why not reach out to us and prepare to be ASTOUNDED by the surprisingly affordable cost of sending out bespoke Christmas cards this holiday season? Opting for personalised cards rather than generic ones looks incredibly professional and sets you apart.

It’s your chance to make a memorable impression. You know you want to distinguish yourself, so take that step and stand out!

Custom printed Christmas card -
FAS Modern Christmas Card

Greeting Card designs that delight.

Our team of skilled designers has crafted various Christmas and greeting cards over the years, catering to a diverse clientele, including businesses, artists, and independent retailers. Each design reflects our commitment to creativity and quality, tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs and visions.

We’re just a message away if you’re looking for expert assistance in designing something genuinely remarkable. Contact us, and let’s collaborate to bring your extraordinary ideas to life!

You can choose to include red or white envelopes with your cards, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing them separately! Why not order multiple designs? With a minimum of 25, you can offer a range of greetings cards.

What sizes are available for Greeting Cards?

Our selection of greeting cards comes in a diverse array of card sizes to perfectly match every occasion and requirement. Our standard offerings include the versatile A5 size, perfect for those who love ample space for heartfelt messages.


The A6 size is ideal for more compact yet equally impactful greetings. For a unique touch, our DL cards offer a distinctive, elongated shape that stands out. And for those who adore a modern twist, our 148mm square cards hit the mark, offering a contemporary feel.


Each size is thoughtfully designed to ensure that your messages, designs, and sentiments are beautifully conveyed, no matter the occasion. With this range of options, you will find the perfect fit for your personal or professional greeting card needs. Get a quote today for your custom greeting card printing.

Why use Our Greetings Card printing service?

FAS Printing provides an extensive selection of sizes, paper types, and special finishes to cater to all your requirements. Our team of print experts is dedicated to ensuring that your print-ready artwork is perfectly set up, guaranteeing exceptional print quality without breaking the bank. As standard, we print in full colour.


Additionally, our personalised greeting cards come paired with matching envelopes, included as per your needs. You can choose from classic white, vibrant red, or our premium envelope options to complement your cards. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for top-quality greeting cards that truly stand out. Oh, and delivery is included.

And most importantly, all our paper and card stocks are FSC-certified!

Eco-Friendly Options: Recycled Uncoated

Our 100% recycled 350 gsm uncoated paper stock is the most environmentally conscious choice among our FSC-certified paper stocks. This eco-friendly selection reflects your commitment to sustainability and offers a distinct aesthetic. 

The uncoated nature of the card results in colours that appear more subdued and less vibrant, providing a unique, natural look. Choosing this paper gives you the satisfaction and warmth of knowing you’ve made a responsible, earth-friendly choice.

Our Greeting card paper & card stocks

Our card & paper stocks are FSC-certified, giving you peace of mind that they are responsibly sourced. So contact us today to get your dream greeting cards printed – our greeting card printing is second to none.

Greetings card stock

310gsm greeting card stock is ideal for greeting card printing.

Silk card

350gsm Silk is our premium stock. Its nice thickness gives a premium feel, and the coated paper stock gives excellent colour reproduction.

100% Recycled

350gsm uncoated 100% recycled card stock is excellent for being as eco-conscious as possible. The colour is impacted slightly due to the uncoated finish.


Our 235gsm or 300gsm Kraft stock looks like a classic brown paper bag. It has a coarse texture and a beautifully rustic feel. Colour reproduction is impacted by not being bright white, but if you design accordingly, it looks incredible.

Metallic Ice Gold

300gsm metallic ice gold is excellent for eye-catching designs. The card almost looks like glistening snow.

Woodstock Betulla Pulp

285gsm textured paper stock

Zeta Wove Cream

300gsm textured paper

Colorplan Bright White Stucco

270gsm textured paper

Accent Antique Magnolia

300gsm textured cream-coloured paper

Zeta Wove Brilliant White

300gsm brilliant-white textured paper

The FAS Guide to Perfect Print

Our guide will ensure you get the perfect high-quality greeting cards quickly. Firstly, decide if you will design them yourself or contact our design team to create a perfect card design.

Our help hub can offer advice on creating the best print-ready artwork so there are no issues along the way. If you are making your card designs, check out our CMYK colour and bleed area guide to ensure you design your greeting cards to the correct size.

If you want help, why not contact our friendly customer service team? We can help with all your greeting cards and print-related questions.

Business Cards

Are you on the hunt for more than just your greeting cards? Well, you’re in luck! We also specialise in professional business card printing. Whether you need a sleek, corporate look or something more creative and eye-catching, our range of business card options is sure to impress.

With our top-notch printing services, you can create business cards that reflect your brand’s personality and leave a lasting impression on your clients and contacts. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your networking game with our exceptional business card printing services!

Postcard Printing

In search of something that stands out? Consider exploring our personalised postcard printing service! It’s a fantastic alternative for those seeking a unique and creative way to connect with others.

Whether for business promotions, special announcements, or just a personal touch in your correspondence, our custom postcards offer a fresh and exciting option.

Get in touch to discover how our personalised postcards can add a distinctive flair to your messaging!

Card Stocks

350gsm Silk

350gsm Uncoated

350gsm Conqueror Wove

300gsm Ice Gold

Special Paper Stock





Conqueror Wove

Standard Silk




Standard Silk


Conqueror Wove

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The guide to print bleed and why it's vital for print-ready artwork - With print-ready artwork, the problem we usually find is that no bleed was included. Make sure you read our guide to find out what it is and why it's important. 


Design Templates

We are currently at work creating some design templates to help you create the best print-ready artwork you can. Currently, we ask you to get in touch if you would like us to send you a template - including what you are designing, the size, and what format you require, i.e. Illustrator, InDesign, PDF etc.

But if you are in doubt, ask for a design quote, and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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