Sometimes you just need to make it stick. Stickers are a great way to add some flair, or branding cheaply. Self-adhesive labels can simply be added over a generic printed document to make it more personal, or as embellishment to an overall design. We offer a great range of full-colour labels/stickers in 190gsm. The minimum run is 100.


We produced self adhesive stickers in various sizes, these are:



Sticker Options


  • Circle Stickers & Labels

  • 37mm
  • 76mm
  • 88mm
  • Rectangle

  • 45 x 80mm
  • 63 x 88mm
  • 75 x 110mm
  • 94 x 140mm
  • Square

  • 45mm



We have seen some great ideas for using stickers, such as thank you notes stuck on mail order items. It gives it that hand finished quality – almost like a wax seal. It’s a nice touch and one that can really get your message noticed as it is a little bit different to the norm.


Or how about getting lots of flyers or business cards printed for your whole company, but then using labels to add contact details for your individual employees? Or specific information for the trade spot that you’re at? Like a hot promotion or competition? There really are some great ways to utilise these great products, that really stand out.


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