Boville Wright & Print Cafe Uxbridge Close

by | Feb 14, 2020

Boville Wright & PrintCafe

I have lived in the area all my life, and having gone to school in Ruislip where, among other things, I studied art – Boville Wright has long been a go-to for art supplies.

It is pretty sad that after 116!! years, they are closing down for good.

I had to pay my respects and visit them a few times in their last few weeks, because I won’t get another chance. They have been selling items off for 25% – 75%, gradually increasing each week until everything was sold, or nearly.

I have never seen the shop so busy, but that may well be the problem. Though they were profitable, the owner wanted to retire and no-one in the family wanted to take on the shop.

If you ever ventured down the back of the shop, you would find a printers, that recently rebranded to PrintCafe Uxbridge. This allowed them the autonomy of being their own independent print shop, but also being part of a bigger network, and the benefits that comes with it.

I for one will miss the Boville Wright art supplies, and the print shop. But as with so many shops in Uxbridge that are closing, we will just have to remember them fondly in our hearts and memories.

Here’s to you!

About Boville Wright

The below information is taken from their LinkedIn Profile. But as I am not sure how long it will be maintained, I thought I’d add it here:

We cover various areas of Art & Design Supplies, both in our stores at Uxbridge and Maidenhead (Bovilles Art Shops) and through our commercial delivery service (Bovilles Business Graphics): Art Materials Professional Design Materials Professional Drawing Office Materials Computer & Printer Supplies. CopyShop Services Bespoke Picture Framing. The business started in as Picture Framers and Artists Supplies in 1904 (Incorporated in 1996) evolving over more than a century into specialists on creative materials. The team at Bovilles are all creative in their own right and are eminently qualified to advise customers on the right product, gaining us a good reputation for being traditional and honest in our selling.


Industries: Arts and Crafts

Headquarters: UXBRIDGE, Middlesex

Founded: 1904 & Incorporated in 1996


  • Art Materials
  • Professional Design Supplies
  • CopyShop Services
  • Picture Framing



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