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This was an experiment gone right

Exterior Grade Canvas

I think it may have been Carnaby street? Ok, I forget where it was, but it was outside and they had suspended umbrellas over the street to give some cover. This idea of inside but outside stuck with me. Festivals are another example, why not have a gallery outside? But what happens if it rains? You need to make sure your canvas prints are ready! That’s exactly why we exterior canvas prints 🙂

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Gallery Grade Canvas Prints

Premium Canvas, Premium Inks, Premium Quality

Gallery Grade Canvas

Everyone does canvas prints these days, Tesco, Boots, Asda. How can we compete? Well, if you want those kinds of budget canvas prints, we can’t really. So instead we set about finding the very best museum-quality, gallery-grade canvas, the very best inks, and the option of hand stretching by our artisans, but then tried to get the best prices possible, so we could pass the savings on to you. These canvases have made their way into galleries and universities, so why not everywhere? When premium quality is essential, but you don’t want to break the bank – you need these canvases.

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