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You Are Here:Hi! Welcome to our new site

Well, I’d like to introduce myself first. My name is Luke and I have been a designer as FAS Media for quite a few years now. When FAS media was started, we had this idea of creating a business based at the convergence between analogue and digital. We can design and layout anything that our customers want, from business cards & stationary to posters and booklets. We then print them in the best possible way for their budget (digital printing for smaller runs and lithographic (usually) for longer runs), this means that no matter the size of the jobs we can get you a very amazing price. This is the analogue side of what we do. Our digital skill-set means that we can also turn your designs, flyers, books or booklets into digital versions that can be easily seen and distributed worldwide at little cost. We help many small companies, charities, schools, religious organisations and freelancers/individuals,  spread the word on what they do via epubs, ebooks or interactive PDF’s.


What we do

  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Chirstmas cards, birthday cards, wedding invites, occasion cards etc
  • Booklets
  • Posters
  • Vinyl Banners and Pop-up banners
  • Canvas prints


Time to Focus on Print

FAS Media is great, really! But we started noticing that people would come to us, not just for design, but also when they had something they needed printed. They would come to us when they needed personal projects printed, such as family photos printed on canvases, or when they needed posters printed that were already designed. That’s great! We love the fact that we are producing high quality printed materials at a price that often beats in-house print shops, and that we are trusted by them time and time again to be a partner as they grow their business. But the printing had started to tie up the phones and emails, and was starting to get in the way of our other customers. So we decided to start FAS Print. FAS Print will be the main hub for all printing that we do going forward. We hope to be able to include many user-friendly features for when you just need something printed, but also keep our designers on standby when you need the helping hand of skilled creative people to get those business cards you’ve been dreaming about into reality.

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Luke Bryant


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Luke Bryant Print lover, graphic design ninja.

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